DEC SuperScan 3

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DEC is a company dedicated to the development of Electronic Automotive Diagnostic Systems.

We offer a complete line of solutions to repair garages, designing easy to use tools, but with the best features on the market. You are not only acquiring a diagnostic equipment, but also an excellent technical support to ensure the correct use of your equipment and get the most out of it. Our tools are designed to meet the requirements of the present and the changes of the future. Try our diagnostic systems and you will be amazed with the features of our products.

Introduced in 1999, the Superscan is regarded as one of the World’s most outstanding diagnostic Scantools. Now in its 3rd phase of development, Superscan 3 has evolved into “The Intelligent Scantool”. Discover the incredible capabilities of this truly outstanding scanner...

With a ground up redesign of the Superscan software, the all new Superscan 3 software, AutoScanManager-X or ASM-X, stays ahead of the competition with truly ground breaking new features:

ASM-X – new software that learns from your requirements

The new features
The benefits


Ask technical questions with ASM-X direct to other SuperScan users.
Contribute your own knowledge to the software


Quick solutions – save time & money. Participate - get involved

Mech Forum:

Browse all the contributions from users outside of ASM-X, just like a normal tech forum. Only for SuperScan users


Contribute & learn from other technicians. Save time, next time.


• Add any knowledge item you like to virtually any part of the ASM-X software. Answers from MechNet or just things you know or want to remember automatically.

• Tag them to car models, ECUs or even to specific DTCs, Live Data streams or Coding configurations etc.

• Save them just for your own use or publish them for every SS3 user to benefit from (all Knowledge items may be moderator approved).


Never forget a solution or ask the same question twice.


• Fine tune ASM-X to your needs - greater flexibility.

• Resize the screen or scale it however you want.

• Change measurements to those you prefer


Get what you want from your software.

Auto configuration:

• Automatic configuration of SS software modules and security codes when you are connected to the Net.

• USB driver and Bluetooth port configuration is completely automatic.


Save time - no configuration hassles.

Drivers & ports? No need to be a Windows techie any more – it’s all done for you.

Vehicle identification:

ASM-X will remember every vehicle you have ever diagnosed from the VIN , the Number Plate or other unique data you enter – indefinitely.


Auto-detection of vehicles and ECUs will be much faster. Once a Vehicle ID has been done, Global Scans are far quicker – ASM-X will not search for ECUs it now knows are not on that car.

Diagnostic session:

• All the data from any diagnostic session you perform, can be stored by user choice – every DTC is stored automatically.

• All the stored data is retrievable at any time in the future when you work on the same vehicle.


Flexibility and speed – retrieve data to compare live on screen. Find faults quicker.

Data is never lost and always available.


The new ASM-X software works with all currently subrently subscribed SuperScan user as well.